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6IX PAL MUNDO-also known as 6PM- is a
passionate collective of musicians, artists, poets,
and creatives dedicated to redefining Latin
music. 6PM is a Toronto-based band with
members from Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, the
United States, and Canada. The band delivers a
global sound. This diverse group brings a style
of production, songwriting, and artistry to Latin
music that is unique. Combining the aesthetics
of Toronto with the sonic palette of reggaeton,
6IX Pal Mundo creates an entirely unique sound.
The lineup of 6PM consists of six artists and
three producers, each with a distinctive musical
approach. From ballads to drill to club classics,
6PM strives to make Toronto the urban latin
music nexus of North America

Local Showcase
Nov 03, 2022, 9:00 p.m.
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